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How to useApply on the hands (1-2ml), massaging until the product completely evaporates. Pay special attention to fingertips, nails and the space between the fingers. No rinsing needed.Formulation:Parcially Denat. 96 AlcoholHydrogen PeroxideGelling agentWaterFormulation developed according to WHO.Approved by the Directorate-General of Health of Portugal

Levigal Pocket 100ml

0,9540,40 (preço com IVA)

Gel solution to disinfecting hands with 80% alc. vol. v/v vol. v/v G.L
Ideal to have in your pocket or bag for greater protection, anywhere!
With Flip Top cap for better dosing.

See here the Product Data Sheet.
See the Product Safety Data Sheet here.

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Additional information

Weight N/A
Características Técnicas

Odour – Alcoholic
Appearance – Gel
Colour – Translucent
pH – [6,5-8]
Presentation – 100ml package

Temperatura de armazenamento

0 – 25°C


60 months after packaging

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