How to useApply on the hands (1-2ml), massaging until the product completely evaporates. Pay special attention to fingertips, nails and the space between the fingers. No rinsing needed.Formulation:Parcially Denat. 96 AlcoholHydrogen PeroxideGelling agentWaterFormulation developed according to WHO.Approved by the Directorate-General of Health of Portugal

Levigal Home Pack

12,01 (preço com IVA)

Gel solution to disinfecting hands with 80% alc. vol. v/v vol. v/v G.L.
Pack composition:
– 2x Levigal 500ml (Ideal for people passing areas, offices and other rooms)
– 1x Levigal ECO 1L (Environmentally friendly packaging for a smaller footprint! With patented innovative system for effective dosing!)

See here the Product Data Sheet.
See the Product Safety Data Sheet here.

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Informação adicional



Características Técnicas

Odour – Alcoholic
Appearance – Gel
Colour – Translucent
pH – [6,5-8]
Presentation – 2 packs of 500ml + 1 pack 1L

Temperatura de armazenamento

0 – 25°C


60 months after packaging

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